The Waynesboro Choral Society is a local non-professional choral group located in Waynesboro, Virginia. We have now been singing for over 45 years (founded in 1970 and we still have one original member!) Our members come from many different professions and backgrounds, and we raise our voices together to share our love for music.

The Waynesboro Choral Society presents several concerts each year  in the spring and our Christmas Concert. Our concerts consist of an informal 1st half where we dance a bit and clown around, and a formal second half. We stand apart from other Choral groups as we memorize the music for these two concerts.  In addition to these, each year we try to visit at least one local church for a sacred concert in place of their normal Sunday worship service. 

For the last fifteen years, the Waynesboro Choral Society has been honored to host a benefit concert for the Salvation Army during the Christmas Season. This benefit concert features a number of local musicians in addition to our group. All donations go directly to our local Salvation Army.

If you like good music,  consider joining us either as a spectator or as a singer!